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Specialist Services

When working in volatile environments, it is vital for an organization to set in place a strategic communications plan that reinforces the organizational message, increases brand recognition, and prevents the spread of contradictory or confusing messaging.  Using a diverse array of proven methodologies, Dreyer facilitates strategic communication services that offer clients the ability to create and implement communications plans that advance their goals protects their reputations, and ensures the safety and security of their personnel.

Our people have a proven track record of accurately assessing local dynamics and measuring perceptions to support our clients’ operations.  Through our global field research networks, we can help your organization understand your operating environment from a variety of local perspectives within your host nation.  Combined with international intelligence reports, this atmospheric information helps our clients better understand their countries of operation and assists them to define priorities and balance efforts.

We facilitate these services on corporate, regional as well as state level. Please contact us for a personal and confidential consultation.