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Nation Branding

Today new worlds of experience are constantly opening up, making our globalized world more and more competitive. A nation today has to compete in order to prevail in the international marketplace; not only in a commercial way, but on every other level as well, be it in security, finance, manufacturing, education, outsourcing, sports, tourism or culture.

With such a major mix of rational and emotional factors the nation with the stronger brand wins. The need for people to project an idea of who they are by professionals such as us becomes ever greater. The world and its cultures are becoming more authentic and we are on that pulse.

To build a strong brand amid increasing international competition and unforeseen circumstances that are carried across social media and potentially across mass media as well, destinations must have in place a well defined brand strategy that covers all potential scenarios and doesn’t just focus on communications.

After assessing the main vision, determining goals and the extraction of brand values, brand positioning and the brand architecture,our specialized nation plans cover:

  • Integration of marketing and promotions strategies into clients external communications with the media, partners, memberships, community groups, and international organizations.
  • Creation of communications strategies using Content, Digital Media, and Publicity to drive your message throughout regions and across borders.
  • Crisis management, communications strategies and tactics.
  • Traditional media and press release management.
  • Utilize social media as a communications AND subtle promotional tool for the client.
  • Web, digital and print materials creation.